We are builders & contractors.  Headquartered in Waterford, in the south east of Ireland, John Cullen Construction have been building, refurbishing and fitting out premises for over 15 years.  With the significant experience and skill which has been built up by our people over that time, we know what it takes to Plan, Build and Deliver a project successfully for our clients.

And there’s only one way we can do that.  At John Cullen Construction we build every project with pride.   That takes a good deal of planning, the trust and belief in our people, the agility to work around each environment and the attention to detail to ensure that for each client, their building project is delivered to them just as their business needs it, on time, on budget, and according to plan.

Because of the core team we have built, we have the ability to deliver multiple projects to tight schedules, no matter where they are, or what level of construction, refurbishment or refit is involved. Whatever your business needs, whatever your building needs, we will plan and work around that.  This flexibility has been key to the success of the ongoing relationships we have built with many businesses and their brand owners.

The first stepTalk to us about your project, and learn more about how we could work with you.